Gold Medal Winner
Kenneth Magnuson

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 2003

Kenneth Magnuson, 2008


L to R: Skrin 2000 Ken Magnuson; Secretary desk 2001 Ken Magnuson; Hallingdal-style table 2003 Ken Magnuson


Occupation: Retired Veterinarian

Residence at time of award: Zumbrota, Minnesota

Life Dates: Born 1935, Blooming Prarie, Minnesota

Ribbons Won: 2000 Red ribbon for box (skrin); 2001 Blue ribbon for secretary desk; 2002 White ribbon for table; 2003 Blue ribbon for Hallingdal-style table; 2003 White ribbon for Hallingdal-style cradle

Artist Statement: My first exposure to rosemaling was Christmas 1975 when I received Sigmund Aarseth's first book. I thought one should be able to read the book, buy some brushes and paint, and go to work producing master pieces. How wrong I was. I learned early on how important it is to start with the right teacher. Someone who knows the basics and is able to tell the student what they are doing wrong, and how it should be corrected. We all need constructive criticism to improve our rosemaling.

Having studied several styles of rosemaling, I settled on Hallingdal as my favorite style. Partly because of my heritage, but also I like the symmetrical designs and the bold colors. It was in Hallingdal that I received points toward my Gold medal.

Since taking Turid Fatland's class in painting odd shaped bowls, my interest has changed. Her style of Telemark used to fill the spaces of these bowls is exciting and challenging.

My advice is to pick a style you like and try to perfect it, but don't be so close minded that you miss an opportunity to learn a new style or technique that may change your whole outlook on rosemaling.

- Ken Magnuson, 2008