Gold Medal Winner
Gyda Mahlum

Gold Medal In: Rosemaling, 1972


L to R: Bowl, Vesterheim collection 1968.041.001; ;


Occupation: N/A

Residence at time of award: Beloit, Michigan

Life Dates: Died 2004

Ribbons Won: 1967 White ribbon for for oval box (tine); 1968 Red ribbon for for plate; 1968 White ribbon for plate; 1969 White ribbon for plate; 1969 White ribbon for plate; 1970 White ribbon; 1972 White ribbon for plate

Artist Statement: In the early years my inspiration came from rosemaling done by Per Lysne and studying the Rogaland prints by Knut Hovden. I have studied with most of the instructors from Norway beginning with Sigmund Aarseth in 1967. I received my Gold Medal in 1972. I have not missed a Nordic Fest or a Rosemalers' Reunion Banquet yet. I was very fortunate to have been on the rosemaling tours to Norway, which were done through Vesterheim in 1970 and 1973. While on the Valdres Samband tour to Fagernes in 1976, I had the opportunity to view the display of Rosemaling from America in the museum there (it included three of my pieces). I am interested in rosemaling from various areas in Norway. Along with many others I am very appreciative of what Vesterheim has planned and done for the rosemalers. It is always a thrilling experience to return to Decorah for the Nordic Fest, to be in class, to greet friends and meet new rosemalers!

-Gyda Mahlum, 1984 excerpt from Vesterheim Rosemaling Letter Vol. XIV no. 4